Education/Intellectual Property

Gloria J. Morris

College graduate, Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Public Affairs (Minor in Business Administration), California State University Hayward, 1979. Graduate Degree Masters in Organizational Behavior, California School of Professional Psychology, 1994. Worked as adjunct professor at National University and Fresno Pacific University. Morris is the author of intellectual property entitled "The Next Step...Principle-Based Lifestyle Training©." These professional writings capture the essence of paradigm shifting encouraging clients, consumers, and the disadvantaged to enjoy more successful lifestyles. PBLT© fosters change from the inside of the person by engaging them in exercises geared toward using principles as the basis of their thinking and doing, thereby changing their desire to continue risky, unprincipled behaviors. New lessons are learned and at-risk behaviors reduced (or eliminated) in exchange for rewards sought... a paradigm shift in the individual's thinking and knowledge level about their ability to become a success through change. The PBLT© workbook (toolKit) consists of 18 action oriented lessons designed to strategically engage the participant in a game of learning, fueling a burning, personal desire to overcome the socio-economic challenges and fears they face.

Meet Our Staff

Shirley M. Brown

R.N., Mercy Hospital & Dignity Health Care Center ​Ms. Brown has been a registered nurse for the past 30 years at Mercy Hospital in Merced. Her role is to organize and co-facilitate a dietary and nutritional quarterly symposium with the churches in the community, sharing info and ideas for learning how to coordinate different vegetables, meats, and starches to achieve reduced calories and still have a great tasting, nutritionally balanced meal. The art of eating healthy has not been learned by most ethnic communities. Current medical statistics on increasing death rates of Blacks & other ethnic communities from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer require a re-education on how to enjoy eating and living well. Ms.  Brown has a passion and has been studying diet and nutrition and providing informal chats throughout the community for years. The mission of this effort would be collaborative and would customize food values so they could be extrapolated into recipes for each specific church's primary ethnic or folk community.

Darryl Davis

UC Merced Police Department, Law Enforcement. Work history in Merced County with the Sheriff's Department, PBLT © Certified Facilitator.  Mr. Davis has been a major activist supporting the Center for HOPe's bi-annual Debutante Ball since 2007. In this role he continues to raise awareness and promote understandings in the at-risk community for youth ages 14-25 who need guidance and mentoring. As the 2013 Co-Chair of the bi-annual Debutante Ball, he is a Certified PBLT© Facilitator, and conducts outreach utilizing the PBLT© curriculum. Mr. Davis' passion is working with low income communities of color and disadvantaged youth. Some of the Debutante recruits have been former victims of school failure, gang-life, and rejection. Officer Davis and his wife Cassie, have embraced there troubled youth and nurtured them to a state of trust. Upon being embraced by the Davis' these youngsters begin to go through a catharsis, showing early signs of a psycho-social healing process.
 Iris N. Mojica de Tatum

Certified PBLT©​ Facilitator, Retired from County of Merced, Mental Health Department. Merced County Mental Health Board Member, and Chair of the Merced County On-going Planning Council. Mrs. de Tatum's role on the Leadership Team is very important because she is bi-lingual, from Puerto Rico. She has a professional background in Mental Health which gives her the ability to paint with a wide brush stroke and fill in the small details involving both program development and/or grant implemention. Iris is the key coordinator in administering grants, when awarded. Before retiring, she was the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) grant coordinator for the County of Merced. She is passionate about raising awareness of PBLT©​ and solutions to mental health life issues.   

Robert A. Morris

Honorary Doctoral Candidate Christian Counseling, Masters Organizational Behavior B.A.Political Science & Public Affairs, Psycho-Social Rehab Practitioner (CASRA)/County of Merced Mental Health Services.  Author of PBLT© "Success Curriculum", Managing Director, Center for HOPe & Restoration & Harvest Park Educational Center (aka HPEC©). Gloria Jackson-Morris has extensive experience in Management and Organizational Development (MOD). She is a former adjunct professor at National University, Fresno Pacific University, and, CSU Fresno Extended Education Department. She is the author of "The Next Step...Principle-Based Lifestyle Training©."



Principle-Based Lifestyle Training©


Founding Senior Pastor of Valley Harvest Church, Bi-vocational Pastor, employed full-time as the Director, Workforce Investment Board, Merced County       In June 2012, after 16 years of employment at the County of Merced, Robert was promoted from Director of Human Resources to Director of the Merced County Work Force Investment Board (WIB) which includes oversight and management of the Los Banos WIB & WorkNet offices. Robert has been involved in reorganizing the department to achieve a business-driven mission resulting in more job opportunities throughout Merced County.   Robert celebrated 18 years at the County of Merced on June 10, 2014. Prior to his work for Merced County he was the owner of RAM Associates, an executive search, placement and EEO/Diversity consulting firm. He provided both retained and contingency contract services to state agencies, federal Department of Defense prime contractors like Martin Marietta Corporation and Lockheed. His firm also consulted to private companies like Kaiser Permanente. Prior to this profession Robert was involved as a mental health professional and counselor for the state of California. Robert believes in helping the less fortunate. He is a meticulous negotiator and does not believe failure is an option.   Robert volunteered to join the Navy in 1969 and served his country during the Vietnam War until he was honorably discharged, in 1972. He attended college at California State University at San Jose and Hayward and recently received his Masters Degree in Christian Counseling and his Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Sacramento Theological Seminary & Bible College. 

Professional History

Morris is a results oriented professional psychologist with proven Human Resource (HR), Organizational Development (OD) skills and psycho-social rehab/recovery techniques. Morris possesses a strong business development background, including negotiations. Demonstrated skill set and experience in organizational needs assessment, strategic planning, development of implementation procedures into services and programs centered on problem solving of both human and organizational issues. Deploys SWOT intervention strategy and PBLT© techniques to determine organizational issues and prospective solutions during the assessment process. Preservation and development of human capital (employees) is the primary outcome sought. Provides knowledge-based solutions, tools and training to improve performance and facilitates personal leadership training for managers, employees and community leaders charged with strategic accountability. Responsible for advising employers and employees on organizational change related issues, promotes change and innovation to strengthen governance in non-profit organizations. HR administration theory and training available to employees and executive managers. Conducts research and studies to help with assessing planned new developments, whether physical or programmatic in nature, that impact workplace measurable outcomes. Morris is a practitioner of behavioral and cognitive-based sciences, active learning, and applied-knowledge, using these concepts for teaching and training in a diversity of industries and environments. Worked with professionals seeking simpler methods and approaches to creating substantive solutions for resolving complex business and work place issues. Morris is a former adjunct professor at both Fresno Pacific University and CSU Fresno's Extended Education Department. At Fresno Pacific University, Morris taught Management and Organizational Development (MOD) and Human Resource Administration.She also counseled MOD students working on their theses projects. At CSU Fresno via its Extended Education Department, Gloria taught as a community leader providing continuing education units (CEUs) and personal/professional courses utilizing  the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey), as a strategic planning course.