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Awesome training. I will use the tools & strategies.

It was a very good program. I learned many things. Also I learned things about life and good things about being positive.

​The PBLT© training directed me to reflect on important aspects of successful living and how to guide/ model for young people toward improving aspects of their lives for a successful future in school relationships, work & their inner well being!

I loved everything about this class.

I found this information helpful and I enjoyed talk about all that I learned.

According to an old Proverb, “plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors, they succeed.” And, so it is with life! Our best plans will fail if we lack the right information or counsel in our decision making. However, with the right information and right counsel, YOU will succeed in making more right decisions leading to right actions. I can personally guarantee you that your decision making capacity will increase by 75%-100% upon completion of this study. A variety of pilot programs have been developed and introduced into the local community, the church, and schools since the introduction in 2001 of “The next Step… Principle-Based Lifestyle Training©” curriculum and workbooks. This training has been impacting lives favorably in the both public and private arenas . . . wherever it is used. Why? Because the Truth is simply the Truth. When it is used and applied to our thinking, choosing and acting processes, we can get ready to experience positive change and successful outcomes in our lives! Do something different! PBLT© will change your lifestyle. It will strengthen you both as an individual and as a team player on all the playing fields of your life. Principle-Based Lifestyle Training has a therapeutic effect on its learners resulting in better understanding of their emotional intelligence… mental health.   Gloria J. Morris Author PBLT©
Psycho-Social Rehab Practitioner Socialization, Life, Soft Skills & Workplace  Culture Training



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